My name is Bradley W. Lewis. I am currently the lead monetization artist for BioWare Austin on Star Wars The Old Republic.

I am responsible for doing artwork for the Cartel Market microtransaction store in Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, as well as VFX support for cinematics and environment teams. I concept, model & unwrap, texture, rig, animate and do the final VFX for assets such as weapons, vehicles, environment objects, etc.. From paper to pixel, I have enjoyed creating many high-quality assets for SWTOR players.

I grew up on the family ranch SouthEast of Dallas, TX. I have always loved creating, be it on paper, in metal or wood, or on screen. During my career in game development, I have tried to create artwork from a place of believability and authenticity. I love making things that people enjoy, from physical art pieces and items, to in-game digital assets players can enjoy.

In the past, I have done hardsurface modeling, real-time visual effects, cinematics, environment art, UI art, character art, scripting, shader work, concept, animation and illustration.

Links to my other sites:

I also build movie props and nixie clocks, and sell nixie clock kits. Slothfurnace.com is a gallery of step by step guides and tips and tricks for the lightsabers and props I build in my garage machine shop. Robotpirate is the banner under which I deal in import/exports of nixie tubes and nixie clock accessories, for sale at ArduiNIX.com.