Mischief & Anarchy blaster set

This blaster set was a first for our game, I had wanted to add dynamic holsters to SWTOR for some time. I worked with our engineering team to implement a feature that would spawn a holster asset via the FX system, and attach it to the correct stow point on the character depending on if the pistol was left or right hand equipped.

I enjoyed the material and texture work on this very much. I hand painted the metals, plastic, wood and leather.

I had built the blaster pistol in real-life first as a physical concept model before I began modeling it in 3d for the game. I started with an Airsoft Luger P08, added a custom machined scope rail, vintage scope mount, and scope.

I modified a vietnam-era muzzle device I had laying around for the blaster muzzle. I also brought the physical pistol in to the audio department at BioWare, and had the audio folks record it firing for the in-game audio associated with this set.

This blaster set with holster ended up being the highest value weapon set in SWTOR history at the time.

Large version of the set here.