My buddy Danny Bulla wanted me to make him an Iron Man Arc Reactor for a Halloween costume he was working on. Here's a few shots of the reactor in progress.

Finished product, wish I had more time!

I started out with a Forox Animation camera lens attachment, turned down a lip on the inside to allow for the VCR piece I am using as a base for the central area. It was hard to find something to use as a light diffuser, but I found some dirty old broken up half- inch plexiglass.

After cutting the rough shape out, I drilled it with a hole saw and fit it to my lathe. After turning the outside perfectly circular, I re chucked it up and turned the inside so it JUST fits the lens attachment.

Here are the inset holed for the LEDs I harvested out of a Home Depot LED table lamp.

In the lathe again! Thsi time to round off the edges, and rough up a bit with sandpaper so the LED light is diffused throughout the disc.

Wiring up the LEDs. Using the wiring diagram off, I have two LEDs to every 10K resistor. After I got this all wired up, I decided it was too dim, so I replaced the 10K resistors with 2.2K. Much brighter!

Wiring Closeup.

Central area made of motor windings and VCR parts, I'll turn the light panel for the center out of the same plexiglass.